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Project Safety is Always Our First Priority

Our success as a company is directly related to our commitment to safety and quality. Safety is an integral part of our quality of work, our productivity, and our job efficiency. Westland Electric's safety program includes a written safety manual that outlines policies and procedures dealing with special areas, as well as an extensive employee training program.

At Westland Electric we promote a strong culture of safety and employee wellness. Our focus on enhanced safety processes supports an overall company culture of accident prevention through proactive safety promotion and a culture of repetitive review and desire for improvement. Westland Electric partners with its customers and other subcontractors to promote a safe worksite for all. All Westland Electric employees are required to participate in pre-employment, random, and post accident drug testing.

We conduct operations with the utmost regard for the safety of our employees, our customers and the public. Through a strong focus on safety and continously improving our employee's understanding we have developed strong safety practices.